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E3: Where Did Life Money Balance™ Begin? Meet the Parents (Pt 2)

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Dr. Cherry's parents, Charles and Carla, continue sharing their Life Money Balance™ journey. There are treasures troves of wisdom! We ask, and they share their perspectives on savings, spending, intentional goals, personal preferences, transitions, and trade-offs. They also share knowledge on the emotions, values, experiences, and stories meaningful to them, which informed their life and money decisions, behaviors, and practices. They comment on transitioning and living in retirement. There are more than a couple of funny moments, and Carla shares wisdom on life that will nurture your soul and truly summarizes Life Money Balances™.


Life Money Balance™

A transformational process to create your life design that lets your life lead your money, where your life and money work concurrently to help you achieve your life aspirations.

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