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Minority Money Podcast: A Conversation on Gratitude, Life Aspirations, & Money

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“Let your life lead your money, not your money lead your life” — Dr. Preston D. Cherry

How we use our money is a testament to who we are and what we really care about. To achieve your aspirations, you need to have a clear understanding of how to manage your money and resources in a way that improves your life.

To do that, our values, aspirations, and money need to be aligned. But how? How do you dream without any ceiling and still make it happen?

Get the answers to your questions as Preston talks about gratitude, life aspirations, and how to not let money lead your life! We talk about money resources and achieving your life aspirations and how gratitude plays an important part in all of it.

In this episode, Preston talks with host Emlen Miles Mattingly and shares a personal story regarding his "why" and how he got his Ph.D. Be inspired and motivated to do your best as Dr. Cherry shares his accomplishments and how he did it so that you can too!


>> Why Dr. Cherry decide to get a Ph.D. in financial planning?

>> Imagery and representation

>> Aspirations and not limiting yourself

>> The connection between aspirations and money resources

>> Why you shouldn’t let money lead your life

>> Why gratitude matters so much and why you should be grateful always

>> What gratitude means for Preston

>> The emotions of money

>> Being honest with yourself and taking personal inventory


Life Money Balance™

A transformational process to create your life design that lets your life lead your money, where your life and money work concurrently to help you achieve your life aspirations.

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