E1: The Launch: Life Money Balance™ Podcast & Live Asprstnly™

Updated: Jul 14

Hi everybody, welcome to the Life Money Balance™ podcast! We talk about "letting your life lead your money" and the tools and topics that help you on your journey towards life well-being.

I've had the podcast on my heart, mind, and spirit for quite some time, and now I bring this show to the public to that people can connect, feel at home, be entertained, and uplifted while being inspired to Live Aspirationally (Live Asprstnly) on their journey.

This episode shares the philosophy, expectations, takeaways, and topics of the LMB podcast. I share how my personal story helped shape LMB and Concurrent Financial Planning. The show discusses LMB and how personal stories help people connect with their LMB journey to maximize their wellbeing. Let's chop it up for the first time!

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Life Money Balance™

A transformational process to create your life design that lets your life lead your money, where your life and money work concurrently to help you achieve your life aspirations.

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