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Holiday Spending: Make a list, check it twice

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Nowadays, the whole fourth quarter is considered the holiday season. Costco put Christmas decorations out in late September! Who doesn’t like the clothes, decorations, food, family, music and continuous reruns of favorite movies?

Holiday cheer also comes with impassioned shopping. There are Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with weekly versions of both. And of course, there wouldn’t be a holiday shopping season without the massive discounts on TVs, computers, electronics and gadgets. Let’s not forget the endless in-store announcements and coupon mailings offering sales.

After time passes, excitement turns into exhaustion and exasperation.

“Who did I forget?” “What deals did I miss?” You just want it to be over. Then, like every five-star restaurant steakhouse dinner, you get “the check.” Sure, the event was special and you enjoyed the meal. You might have even pre-prepared yourself for the price shock, but there’s nothing like the reality of “the check.”

When it comes to spending, “the check” is just like “the holiday season.” Did you pre-plan for it?

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