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E8: Hobby to Hustle: Find Joy in Your Workplace & Entrepreneur Careers

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Your aspirational life evolves, and you transition from season to season. Aspirations and seasons integrate life, money, and career platform choice.

When one season finds a peak, you ask yourself, “what do I aspire to do next?”.

Other questions that you may ask yourself:

-Where are my fulfillment gaps?

-How do I want to maximize my life and money well-being?

-Can I envision courageously in my aspirational mission?

-Which career platform is best for me? Workplace or entrepreneur? Or Combination?

-How do I approach my family conversations?

It’s a pleasure to discuss these topics more with my dear sister Jennifer Gloria. She shares her courageous story about her life transition that may resonate with your life position. We cover:

-Being valued in the workplace.

-Complementing household income with a workplace and entrepreneur career.

-Importance of money conversations with your spouse and young adult children.

-Believing in your Faith following and confidence in yourself to pursue your aspirations.

-Leveraging a hobby to side-hustle to a thriving business.

You don’t want to miss this episode. Let’s chop it up!

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