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E9: The Power of Life & Money Conversations: Resilience to Aspiration

The Life Money Balance™ journey finds roots in story exchanges that help us establish the foundation and build frameworks to process life events and achieve our aspirations.

Episode nine welcomes w/ Leah Davis, FFC®, who shares her story of resilience that fuels her life aspirations which connect her life with her money. Her story has themes of life and money, trauma, abuse, and discovery.

She shares how her journey led her to the personal finance and financial coaching professions focused on helping people process emotion, being heard, valued, and belonging. We talk about how the power of empathy and compassion in conversations with the people we serve helps people unlock and uncover the life and money paths they long to achieve.

This show is one of being a survivor, demonstrating courage and strength and resilience in abundance. Let's chop!

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Life Money Balance™

A transformational process to create your life design that lets your life lead your money, where your life and money work concurrently to help you achieve your life aspirations.

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