Planning Programs

Through a transformational process, our financial planning programs help you cultivate Life Money Balance™. These programs help you build momentum towards the next phase of  Life Money Balance™ (Cardinal) or helps you design and achieve your Life Money Balance™ aspirations (Cornerstone & Compass). Your program is tailored to fit your unique life goals and money resources. 



financial advice process that considers base-level Life Money Balance™ aspects

Produces a custom summary report that helps you build momentum towards the next phase of  Life Money Balance™.

• Domains: 

  Defined cash/credit/savings

  management system with employee

  benefits summary.

• Software & app access:


• Implementation: 

   Not included

• Engagement period: 


• Service Fee:

   $2,000 to $3,200

• Payment schedule: 

   50% due upon agreement

   Balance due upon plan delivery

• Optional Retainer:

   Begins monthly after the initial

   engagement period

The above fee and service offerings are complexity-based, confined to the engagement 

period & defined by the advisory agreement.

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